30 cm is the difference between FRESH water and SEWAGE water !

Folks , Leaving the water tap opened for forever waiting for the water to be hot or cold , or preparing your tooth paste … etc .
Leads to a disaster , all the clean fresh water from the tap is converted to sewage water within seconds ! , imagine it , its clean and fresh .

Use it

You didn’t use at all , sewage water is a huge load on most countries , it is contaminated and dirty enough to kill people , YES most countries through the sewage water into the ocean or just use it in agriculture , it kills fish , plants & animals .
Have you ever thought that the fruits you are eating may be irrigated using sewage water ?!

we have to be more careful , water is the most valuable resource on earth , it can’t be replaced with any other resource , oil can be replaced with coal or solar energy or whatever , but water is the SOURCE OF LIFE .

Use it , don’t waste it !

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