My dream is a water wise planet , what is yours ?

Hi everyone .
I made this post to tell you about my dream in a few sentences , and please , lets me know about yours , sharing dreams may help us all in saving our planet

I used to feel a strange passion inside me when i watch any documentary movie related to the WILD LIFE or WATER.
After watching any of these movies , i feel that i want to go outside of the boring countries into the wild to watch GOD’s creation .
For 3 years i used to have this strange feeling towards nature .
Then , things started to be more serious when i watched the ( HOME ) documentary movie by Yanne Arthus Bertrand .home (1)

In the beginning of this movie , Yanne started to show us fabulous scenes from nature , the perfect balance of our nature and how it is connected  together in an amazing pattern .

Have a look on his awesome gallery
Have a look on his awesome gallery

Suddenly he shows us what we call (Civilization ) , yes , we destroyed everything to search for energy sources , for example , Deforestation destroyed a huge amount of trees and plants which where producing fresh oxygen to air , the destroyed trees to manufacture papers .

Why ?
Are there resources Endless ? Renewable ?
So why are we destroying it in a savagery way ?
we need to stop and think , Earth can’t take it anymore , the global warming is threatening us all .

What i noticed is that water is the common link between all these resources , it is the story of life and death !
Without it , there is no civilization .
So i felt that i have to do something with the knowledge that GOD gave me .
That’s how i started the Reverie foundation , that’s how i started my dream .

Please help me to make this dream true ,  is to raise awareness on the proper usage of water , take some time to learn about the small things that we can do to help save water on a global-scale .
And let me know in the comments below about your dream  , and how it is going to change the world .
Thank you for reading this post


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