Saving 6 Liters/day using a simple method

Less amount of water is needed per toilet flush .
By placing a plastic bottle or a rock inside a toilet tank its going to take up some of the tank volume .
Therefore we can save almost 0.6 liter per flush.

This method was being used grom the 70s, but new toilet tanks after 1992 have double flushing method (Full flush or half flush ) .

Eventhough people face some difficulties in opening some types of toilet tanks.
So we recorded a decent 1 min video example on to do it .
Here you are :

Imagine it , average number of toilet flushes in houses is 10 .
By placing a small 0.6L water bottle ( 0.6 L ) , we save 10 x 0.6 = 6 Liters per day .
If a whole neighborhood did it , assuming a number of a 100 toilets , then we will save about 600 Liters / Day .

At least you can share the idea !


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