287 liters of water conserved per day !

SA everybody ,

We want to share with you our first success story .
A simple idea found on youtube turned to be a huge water saving campaign .

287 liters / day conserved , that is 104,755 liters / Year .
After launching our online campaign asking people to put a small bottle ( 0.6 L ) of water inside the toilet tank , 45 confirmed doing that within the circles of our ( Friends , Colleagues & Relatives ) here in cairo .

Then we thought it would be nice to make a simple design to be shared on our accounts on facebook , Twitter & Google+ .
It would be easier for most people to get the idea without reading the whole post .
We made it in two different languages (Arabic & English )

And within one week , 45 people confirmed doing the idea and some of them sent us the screenshots we asked them for .
Here are the images , pretty decent and simple , but enough to raise our enthusiasm .

Our motivation was raised to the max !
Seeing a big impact through a small idea , Amazing !!!
Have a look on our progress counter :

What we learned from this campaign :

  • If you have an idea , just start doing it , take the first step , and you will be amazed by the results .
  • Stick with your friends until they do what you wanted them to do , Yes , Some of them will say ” Ok , i’ll do it when i am back home ” , and he won’t ! .
  • “Production by mass ” , A simple idea applied by hundreds = PERFECT RESULTS , who said that saving 0.6 L in each toilet flush would make a difference ? , Right ?

But we still need your support , please :

  • You can like our page on facebook or follow us on twitter ( Links below ) , which is the simplest thing you can do .
  • You can share this post with your friends .
  • You can apply the idea by your self at home .
  • You can share with us some new ideas .

Links :


Looking forward to see your comments .
Thanks .

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