One burger sandwich requires more than 2,500 Liters of water !

Good evening everybody ,
Today we wanted to introduce you to the term ” Virtual water ” .
Virtual water is the water used in the industry of our daily life products , whether it was food , clothes or electric appliances .First of all , we are not telling you to stop eating burger , we justwant you to appreciate what you have for granted .
We want you to know the real value of WATER
As we all should know , water is included in EVERYTHING we use in our life , even the oxygen you breath , and yet we never know how much are we dependent on it !We have collected some good resources that will get you out of your mind while reading it !

BurgerFor example , lets start with the ” Beef ” :
Don’t look at it as it is just a small sandwich of beef , it takes on average three years before the animal is slaughtered t produce about 200 kilos of boneless beef.

During these three years the cow consumes about 1300 kg of grains to eat !
There is Also roughage , and roughage requires water … etc

It is a process of constant renewal …
We don’t want you to be bored from our long presentation , please check this amazing websites that will tell you more and more about ” The hidden water we use ” through an interactive way that you will never forget .

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