Volunteer with us

Good evening every one …

Who We Are

The “Reverie Foundation ” Is A Nonprofit Organization aims to shed light on an issue that affects each and every one of us . Our mission is to raise awareness on the proper usage of water. As we all know, water is the most valuable natural resource on earth and it’s essential that we all take some time to learn about the small things that we can do to help save water on a global-scale.

Lets make it more simple , we conserve water , That’s it !

Our Goal

Our goal is to build a highly aware social network about water to start a big serious steps in saving our planet .We will – Hopefully – continue our mission all over the globe .

Whom do we want ?

Yes , its you , we want you volunteer with us .
And 99% of our work is going to be online .
Honestly , we need any kind of help that you can offer , for example :

1- Social media experts .
2- Researchers .
3- Marketeers .
4- Graphic designers .
5- Photographers .
6- Blog writers

Why Volunteer With Us

The water crisis issue is a global problem and all of us is going to pay the price of our waste .

The least kind of support you can offer is to like our page on facebook and share our awareness posts


If you are interested please fill in this form … or send a message on our facebook page ..

Thank You .

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