Pay it forward | you should do something


Many of us know this idea spreading technique ” Pay it forward ” …
You may have seen it  in a movie , a TV show or in an activity …
Well , you should do something !
As now you know much about the water scarcity , crisis , drought … etc

What are we going to do ?
Our next move , is to talk to our friends and families about that global problem , about the waste we do every day , about an upcoming crisis …
Talk to them , convince them to join our move …

Your task is to talk to 3 people about the crisis , and ask them if they want to do something  towards that global problem …
Ask them if they want to  join our  move .
And each one of the three should talk to another one

BUT an action is needed , you should see two actions from each of them :
1- Make sure that each of them is going to talk to another one about the water problem .
2- Convince them to make their profile picture ” Pay it forward ” + The link of our page or any water conservation page on facebook , twitter or google plus .

Sounds hard ?
Its not ,  you can easily do it ….
Each one of us have a role to play here on earth , at least you can spread knowledge …
Once you finish , fill in this form please , and tell us how many of your friends you convinced .

A Nonprofit Organization aims to shed light on an issue that affects each and every one of us … "water" which is the most valuable natural resource on earth