A one scoop shower !

Once we started a simple campaign in the  street to talk to people about the importance of water and our huge waste .

And we distributed some decent flyers having some info about water waste , one of them was written on it  ” A 10 minutes shower uses about 90 Liters of water ” …

Then a man asked us ” Ok , its great , what do you want me to do ? , do you want us to stop taking shower ? “
We answered ” Of course not , we just want you to use less amount of water ” 
He wasn’t convinced , and he asked again about a solution , it’s like we were accusing him of wasting water during shower and we don’t have a solution to the problem ….

Well , i saw an amazing ad on the AsianDevelopmentBank account on Youtube ….

Sower man

An almost one minute ad showing a man brushing his teeth , washing his hair and body with only one scoop of water , almost 2 Liters

Its not impossible , and its not hard to get used to it , as there is one constant in the equation which is that you have to take a shower every now and then , but there is two variables ( Time & water ) ….

Simply : Reduce shower time , and don’t open the shower head you have all the way up …

That is our reply to the man who asked us about the solution , yes , we want you to do like the man in the ad as much as you can  , water is scarce ..

Finally :
Take action in spreading out the  message to the world , that is our reverie , our dream , A WATER WISE PLANET !

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